The smart Trick of תגיש לי That No One is Discussing

For those who established this classification, be sure to Observe that The reality that it's been proposed for discussion won't essentially suggest that we do not worth your variety contribution. It merely means that just one particular person believes that there is some certain trouble with it.

בקשר לקשיחות של סער קיוויתי שהוא לא ישבר ושהחנדעלך שלה לא יעבוד עליו, אבל הוא כנראה מאוד מאוד רגיש ולכן נשבר, הבוקר הוא אמר לגואל שלא יכול היה לעמוד במחשבה שיש לה הורים בחוץ שרואים אותה בוכה, מי שהסית כל השבוע זו איילה שניסתה לעשות לסער דלגיטימציה וריכלה עליו עם כל מי שרק אפשר!!!

תמיד אתן את המיטב שבי, עבור הפרוייקט החשוב והמקודש הזה, ששמו ויקיפדיה.

לסטר שלום - שמי דרור, כתבתי את הכותרת על החברותא בעידן האינרטנט (תחת הערך חברותא). שם כתבתי על פרויקט זוג (בו אני לומד כבר כמה סמסטרים) וכן על פרויקטים נוספים - אני חושב שהפירוט שהורדת דווקא חשוב לקוראי הערך. אני מסכים שבתצורה הראשונית פרויקט זוג קיבל תיאורים לא במקום כמו "האתר הגדול ביותר" - על אף שזה נכון.

File:California_Windmills_IMG_4163.jpg continues to be outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so that the community can discuss whether it should be kept or not. We might take pleasure in it if you could possibly head over to voice your impression concerning this at its entry.

Be sure to keep in mind to reply to and – if correct – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which focus on the nominator will likely not influence the result of the nomination. Thanks!

By way of example, When you are uploading a diagram demonstrating the orbits of comets, you add the following code:

Make sure you try to remember to answer and – if suitable – contradict the arguments supporting deletion. Arguments which deal with the nominator will never impact the results of the nomination. Thanks!

The Visible editor are going to be available to all editors for the remaining 10 "Stage 6" Wikipedias throughout the subsequent month. here The builders need to know no matter if typing inside your language feels natural during the Visible editor.

File:Acco IMG 0294.JPG has become marked for a achievable copyright violation. Wikimedia Commons only accepts cost-free information—that is, images and other media files that can be used by anyone, for any purpose. Traditional copyright regulation would not grant these freedoms, and Except if famous if not, every thing you discover online is copyrighted and not permitted right here.

If the media also doesn't have a copyright tag, Then you definately ought to also insert one particular. When you made/took the picture, audio, or video then you can use self

ראיתי את אדני נצב על המזבח ויאמר הך הכפתור וירעשו הספים ובצעם בראש כלם ואחריתם בחרב אהרג לא ינוס להם נס ולא ימלט להם פליט׃ אם יחתרו בשאול משם ידי תקחם ואם יעלו השמים משם אורידם׃ ...

Many thanks for your personal electronic mail concerning this. I am sorry nevertheless which i'm not inclined to undelete this. I'd hope by given that you'd recognise that deletion discussions are under no circumstances only votes so the volume of votes isn't the only deciding element. Staying forever displayed inside a community area was just one issue. Another relates to what artwork will work are permitted underneath the exemption. The argument presented that paintings could be permitted through the exemption isn't really convincing, specially in light-weight of Presenti comments, produced right after the vast majority of that deletion dialogue, that "an inventive work produced for artistc objective is certainly not utilized artwork ( e.

Should you established this file, make sure you Observe that the fact that it's been proposed for deletion does not always necessarily mean that we do not price your kind contribution. It basically implies that a person individual thinks that there is some certain trouble with it, such as a copyright challenge.

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